Saturday, October 1, 2011


Today we drove the 30 minutes to a Florence model that is the updated version and is flipped like ours.  Surprisingly we've never gone and looked before.  It was really nice to see "the finished product".  Afterwards we drove to our Florence only to find is was all locked up and we could not get a key.  The sales rep had a family death and the office was being covered by another person without keys.  And the PMs were not there.  She should be back tommorrow so hopefully we can walk around inside and take pictures.  We looked into the windows on the first floor and were impressed with what we saw!

Buying a refrigerator was another item on our list today.  We shopped around at a few stores and decided on a Whirlpool Gold GI6FDRXXB model.  We are sticking with black since the oven, dishwasher, and microwave are black.  Luckily enough, we found it at Lowes for $1598.  The next lowest we could find of that model was $1798 at Sears!  Oddly enough, it was not on sale but rather the black was $400 less at Lowes.  Computer glitch, possibly?  The sales guy seemed to be confused about it.  They have to order it in as the store only carried the stainless steel.  No issue as we can't get it until we close on our house.  Also, that model might be one that will be 15% off starting Thursday.  If it is, they agreed to apply the discount.  Here are a few pictures:


  1. Wow! It's huge! And awesome! I've started a little computer research on the appliances we'll need, but haven't been out shopping yet. Was there one store you preferred over another? Or somewhere that seemed to have the best deals or customer service?

  2. that. refrigerator. is. awesome.

  3. @JBY: We really liked the customer service at Lowe's. Our Home Depot here doesn't have many appliances. Sears had a good selection. We didn't really shop around too much as we wanted to buy from a known chain store (habit with us moving every few years). Plus at those stores we get a military discount! Our fridge actually ended up being 15% off plus 10% military discount! We are so excited! Money for blinds now!