Monday, October 3, 2011

PM Meeting

Have I ever mentioned how much we like our 2 PMs?  We LOVE them!  My husband met one at the house this afternoon to go over our concerns.  Not only did he already have them on his list, he had a total of about 150 things!  Now that is attention to detail!

Our kitchen countertops are sitting in the garage waiting to be put in.  The stone crew is scheduled for tomorrow.  Our entire road is also scheduled to be asphalted by the city tomorrow.  Our driveway and porch concrete was in place and drying.  They will do the sidewalks in two days.  Our sod and landscaping will be done this week (yeah!  don't have to pay 2.5 weeks worth of watering!).

We've really lucked out with everything thus far.  Another lucky thing is that the 2nd PM is a PM-in-training and has passed everything except the final stage.  This means that he is going to do our pre-settlement with us.  In addition, the top guy from Ryan in charge of the PMs is going to fly in to grade him during our pre-settlement meeting.  If the PM misses one thing, he fails.  Talk about pressure for him!  This means our house is going to be in amazing condition!  (which is why we agreed to do a pre-pre-settlement meeting a few days beforehand...give him a chance to practice and another chance to go over the house with us before his big "test").


  1. Wow that totally works out in your favor! That's awesome.