Friday, October 14, 2011

11 Days to Go

We had our pre-pre-settlement walkthrough today with the PM.  We went over the entire inside and outside of the house to find any items that still need to be worked before we close.  Most of the items were already marked with blue tape.  Only new item added to their list was 2 spots of "bubbling out" on one piece of siding, each about 3-5 inches wide.

It was amazing to see everything cleaned and mostly done.  They had pulled off the hardwood floor protectors.  A worker was in the kitchen placing the trim around the gourmet island.  The drywall has been worked over two times since our last visit.  They are going to work it again today and then do another round of paint touchups.  The flooring guy will be out Monday to replace a few pieces of hardwood (one has a large gap between it and the trim and the rest have a gouge in it from the oven being dragged at some point in time).  Guardian was at the house installing our outside intercom system.  We passed the final energy star compliance inspection.  We passed the plumbing inspection yesterday.  The final inspection will occur Monday.

They offered to let us keep the dehumidifier that is in our house.  We gladly will!

Our lampost was in place along with our light by the front door.  The shutters for our downstairs front window will be placed Monday after the stone crew comes and shaves off a bit of the stone sticking out.  Our front door was painted.

This weekend we plan on picking out our blinds and paint for my son's room, the basement, laundry room, and the garage.  We close on the 25th and move on the 28th.  That gives me a few days to paint after work.  All the other rooms we will do later.


  1. Wow, closing is right around the corner! Congrats :)

  2. That is amazing! Can't wait to see pictures of the finished product! Good luck with the move, etc.