Saturday, October 8, 2011

16 Days to Go

We did not want to leave our house today!  I am still amazed that this is OUR house (well, in 16 days it will be)!  The carpet was in.  The grading had been completed for our backyard.  The logs were in our fireplace.  Some "fixes" have been completed.  We now have a fan in our master bathroom.  The walls have blue tape all over the place.  It'll be a busy week for the workers but the house is scheduled to actually be done end of this week or early next week.  Then it'll be inspection time and cleaning time for Ryan.

Our yard will be placed Monday.  They've done wonderful on the landscaping for the other houses on the street (front/side sod and front landscaping are required in our neighborhood).  I'm looking forward to our lightpost (another requirement) to be placed along with our mailbox.  Our front door is going to match our shutters which will really pull out the dark color in the stone.  The stone looked really good today and I think it will look even better with the dark door.

Part of basement


Powder room in basement


Basement to 1st floor

Helping us measure the windows for blinds

Logs in the fireplace

Family room

Kitchen from family room

The soon-to-be fridge location

A HUGE pantry

One of the bedrooms

Master closet with shelves moved higher

Master bedroom

Master bath fan....and yes, an intercom control panel :) 
I don't want to move from that tub (the panel was supposed to be closer but Guardian placed it wrong...too late to change it)

Looking down to first floor


  1. Looks great! The stone looks very nice, and I agree that your door matching the shutters will really compliment the stone very well. You must be so excited!

  2. Looks so great! Love your deck!

  3. Your house looks great !! I love your fireplace and deck. Kitchen is also looking perfect !!!

  4. Looks great!!! I am so happy for you!

  5. Looks fantastic! Everything is coming together. That is a huge walk-in pantry!! =)

  6. Sorry I am a little late with is never too late to get Guardian to move something. We had a speaker control moved after drywall and painting were's easy for them to do and you won't even know where it used to be...ask for it to be moved..especially if it is not where you ask for it in the first place...they moved ours and it was located where we first had agreed to put it, but realised it would be blocked by a piece of furniture...they did it no problem.

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