Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pre-Con Meeting Scheduled

Our pre-construction meeting is scheduled for the 8th of August!  With building slated to begin that same week.  Our permits have not been approved but should be before the meeting.  If not, it will push everything back a little bit.  I inquired again about the lack of contact with Guardian.  Our sales rep emailed the actual guy who has the meetings (and cc'd us) so hopefully we get the phone call soon.  Only have 6 more work days to meet with them.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

NVR and Guardian

Got approval from more thing completed!  Contacted our sales rep to inquire when we should be expecting to hear from Guardian.  Was told it should be soon...only 12 more days until our tentative pre-construction meeting.  She said she would contact Guardian yet again.

On a good note, one of my coworkers offered us all of her packing boxes (she just finished moving)!  Picked them up last night and have them stored in the garage.  One less thing to worry about in a few months.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Got a call from Ryan today asking if we could come in to sign a form in regards to our flooring.  Nothing was entered in wrong except for an extra code that didn't mean anything.  The records have to be perfect though!  Plus Jack and I have been wanting to go and see our lot...this was the perfect excuse!

Later in the night we got a phone call from the NVR branch manager.  He wanted to ask how our experience was with their consultant.  In addition, he wanted to know why we were hesitant to use them.  We told him that we had gotten negative and positive reviews about the company.  Hopefully, the information we shared can better help future customers of NVR.  In the meantime, Jack and I are going to proceed with NVR and hope that in a few months time we will be gloating about our wonderful experience.

We were told by our sales representative that, tentatively, our pre-construction meeting will be on the 3rd of August with construction starting the following week.  Still waiting on the permit and clearance from NVR which if held up could cause the date to be pushed back.  Also, if we have any bad weather that pushes the construction house in front of us back we get bumped too.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

NVR Mortgage Meeting

Yesterday after work we met with the NVR mortgage loan official.  We discussed the details of our loan application process and signed a lot of paperwork.  They waived the application fee at this time since we were upfront and told them of our uncertainty working with their company.  The only reason we are considering using them is that they are offering the same rates as other lenders we have looked into plus an additional 10990.00 off the cost of our house.  Time will tell if they win us over or not.

Still waiting on our Guardian appointment.  (I should clarify it's only been 2 work days since we signed our purchase agreement!  Just excited to hear what they have to offer)  They should be calling us sometime this week to set up that appointment.

In the meantime, we are just waiting to hear back from NVR that our loan application has been approved and from Ryan that our permit was approved.  Once both of those happen they will set up our pre-construction meeting to confirm all of our choices are correct on their blueprints.  Should take 2-3 weeks.  Then building starts!  Tentatively our closing date is 15 October.  Once building starts we will get a more accurate date.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Lot Pictures

Here are some pictures of our lot!  It was really exciting to put up our SOLD sign after we signed our purchase agreement on Saturday.  You can see our realtor in one of the pictures...we really lucked out with him!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our color choices

These our are color choices for flooring, cabinets, vinyl, stone, and shutters. 
Carpet: Collinsville Gentle Beige for basement and upstairs
Initiator 66202 for upstairs/basement bath and laundry room
Manchester Strip 2 1/4 in oak/natural hardwood first floor
Buck stone; graphite grey siding; dark blue shutters and door

Our Ryan Home

We sure have been busy since Tuesday.  We have been in contact with our realtor and the Ryan Homes sales representative every day after work and most days during our lunch hour.  We went and toured a Florence model in another development in town.  Fell in love with it!  The cost difference between the Sienna and Florence(with all the upgrade cost changes too) is not that huge.  It adds a good chunk of square footage plus an additional bedroom that will help us when we go to resale in a few years.  Saturday we chose our flooring, cabinet, and countertop selections.  Then we signed all of the paperwork to make it official!  Today we finished our color selections for the outside and appliances (black).

We are still undecided on who to do our mortgage's between two companies.  Tommorrow we have meetings with both to decide.

Besides that we have a few weeks until we have our pre-construction meeting.  They have to get permit approvals and then order all of our house parts.  We are looking at October/November for our closing.

Can't wait for construction to begin!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ryan Homes Sales Rep Visit #1

Met with our realtor and a Ryan Homes sales representative this afternoon.  We toured a Sienna model that was under construction in the Waterford Landing development.  We really liked what we saw.  The space is a little cramped but we could get all of the upgrades we want and still be below our targeted monthly payments (which is never a bad thing!).  The morning room, finished basement, powder room in basement, stone exterior with beaded vinyl, 10x12 deck, garage door openers, gas stove, and x5 fan upgrades to name some of the big ones.  We were not able to view the Florence model, which is the next highest house.  We did not have time to discuss option pricings on this model as Caleb was getting bored and we had a scheduled viewing of a used Sienna model that is on the market.

We toured the Sienna model that is on the market (2010 building completion).  It did not have upgrades (which is why we toured it...that way we could get an idea of what the house comes with since the model home has all the fancy upgrades).

There are a few open lots in the Waterford Landing development still open for sale in this phase.  We really like one of them.  It has a pond with a fountain across the street and the 2 lots behind us are huge and pie shaped with us being right in the middle.  So we would not have a house directly behind us.  They offered to waive the $3000 premium lot fee.

In addition, they are going to see if the company will give us 2 military discounts since we are both active duty.  One could hope!

We discussed the pros and cons of buying with this developer over the past few days.  We have decided to go ahead with building a home through them.  Tomorrow we will get the pricing of the Florence model with the options we want.  We are also going to see if they will take the deposit for the land and give us a window of time to make a decision on the Sienna or Florence as we have already been preapproved.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Round 1 of House Hunting

Just finished viewing 5 properties with our realtor.  3 of them are possible contenders.  2 are definitely out.  1 of the houses was so bad I might be having nightmares about it for a bit.  The layout was the best of the 5.  However, it had not been taken care of by the past owner.  We are willing to do renovations as long as the important parts of the house are in good order (foundation, pipes, electrical, etc).  Let's just say that we couldn't take Caleb with us in parts of the house.  Glad we went and viewed them in person.  It's hard to get a true understanding of the condition of a home over the internet.

We are in no rush to purchase a house at the moment as we are in our rental lease through April.  Though we are considering getting out of it early if the right house arises.  We have asked our realtor to set up a viewing with a Ryan Homes development in Fairborn.  We would like to compare the houses we looked at to a brand new build.  He is going to set it up for the next week.  Can't wait to see what type of house and options we can get in our price range. 

We are excited at the possibility of purchasing our first house.  We are getting tired of being renters and would like to start growing equity.  Whether or not this will happen here in Dayton or at our next base, we are eagerly looking forward to that day.