Thursday, July 14, 2011


Got a call from Ryan today asking if we could come in to sign a form in regards to our flooring.  Nothing was entered in wrong except for an extra code that didn't mean anything.  The records have to be perfect though!  Plus Jack and I have been wanting to go and see our lot...this was the perfect excuse!

Later in the night we got a phone call from the NVR branch manager.  He wanted to ask how our experience was with their consultant.  In addition, he wanted to know why we were hesitant to use them.  We told him that we had gotten negative and positive reviews about the company.  Hopefully, the information we shared can better help future customers of NVR.  In the meantime, Jack and I are going to proceed with NVR and hope that in a few months time we will be gloating about our wonderful experience.

We were told by our sales representative that, tentatively, our pre-construction meeting will be on the 3rd of August with construction starting the following week.  Still waiting on the permit and clearance from NVR which if held up could cause the date to be pushed back.  Also, if we have any bad weather that pushes the construction house in front of us back we get bumped too.

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  1. Welcome to the Ryan Homes blog world! :) We have the Florence model too, great selection. We just moved in last Wednesday and we love it! No regrets and our sales rep and project manager were both wonderful to work with. Good luck with everything, I love your selections so far!

    We used NVR, and although they were the least favorite people during the process to deal with, the process was no less efficient than when we purchased our first house and had a mortgage through a major bank. Considering the massive amount of paperwork they have to deal with, and that so much they do is dependent on banks, lawyers, insurance agencies, etc., we really couldn't complain.