Saturday, July 2, 2011

Round 1 of House Hunting

Just finished viewing 5 properties with our realtor.  3 of them are possible contenders.  2 are definitely out.  1 of the houses was so bad I might be having nightmares about it for a bit.  The layout was the best of the 5.  However, it had not been taken care of by the past owner.  We are willing to do renovations as long as the important parts of the house are in good order (foundation, pipes, electrical, etc).  Let's just say that we couldn't take Caleb with us in parts of the house.  Glad we went and viewed them in person.  It's hard to get a true understanding of the condition of a home over the internet.

We are in no rush to purchase a house at the moment as we are in our rental lease through April.  Though we are considering getting out of it early if the right house arises.  We have asked our realtor to set up a viewing with a Ryan Homes development in Fairborn.  We would like to compare the houses we looked at to a brand new build.  He is going to set it up for the next week.  Can't wait to see what type of house and options we can get in our price range. 

We are excited at the possibility of purchasing our first house.  We are getting tired of being renters and would like to start growing equity.  Whether or not this will happen here in Dayton or at our next base, we are eagerly looking forward to that day.

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