Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our Ryan Home

We sure have been busy since Tuesday.  We have been in contact with our realtor and the Ryan Homes sales representative every day after work and most days during our lunch hour.  We went and toured a Florence model in another development in town.  Fell in love with it!  The cost difference between the Sienna and Florence(with all the upgrade cost changes too) is not that huge.  It adds a good chunk of square footage plus an additional bedroom that will help us when we go to resale in a few years.  Saturday we chose our flooring, cabinet, and countertop selections.  Then we signed all of the paperwork to make it official!  Today we finished our color selections for the outside and appliances (black).

We are still undecided on who to do our mortgage's between two companies.  Tommorrow we have meetings with both to decide.

Besides that we have a few weeks until we have our pre-construction meeting.  They have to get permit approvals and then order all of our house parts.  We are looking at October/November for our closing.

Can't wait for construction to begin!

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