Sunday, October 2, 2011

3 Weeks Until Closing

We were able to get the key and walk around inside our house today!  It looks amazing!  They've added some of our outside lights (garage and back deck).  Microwave is in place.  Floor in front of fireplace is in.  Shelving is up in all of the closets.  The towel bars and toilet paper holders have been added in the bathrooms.  They've stained the banisters.  They've layed the first layer down to prep our driveway and sidewalk.  We have a few issues we will be bringing to the PM's attention tommorrow.  They include:

1.  Almost all of the outlets and some of the light switches are crooked
2.  One piece of hardwood flooring has a 1/2 inch gap from it to the wall/trim
3.  The master bathroom does not have an exhaust fan while the rest of the bathrooms do
4.  One of the deck rails has a huge sliver of wood hanging (the rail needs to be replaced)
5.  One of the walls in the basement actually bows out and then bows back include the trim.
6.  The stairs going upstairs have huge gouges and chunks removed along the wall/wood frame of the stairs.
7.  The texturing of the ceiling...multiple issues with this especially in the basement (we've never noticed before because their was no light until now).  To include, large amounts of texturing just gathered especially around the edges of wall and ceiling.  It needs to be sanded down and repainted.  Also, large texturing dripping (globs just hanging).  The various elevation changes in the ceiling throughout the basement need to be sanded down on the edges and repainted as the globs are present and look really bad.
8.  The stair handrails have been stained but are very rough.  To the point you can't slide your hand down because it hurts.
9.  One of the upper kitchen cabinet doors is incorrectly makes a woody squeaky sound when you try to open it.  Reminds me of scraping nails on a chalkboard and produces a nice chill up the spine.
10.  One corner wall in the laundry room bows in and is uneven in the edge, to include the trim.
11.  Cracking along some of the corners between wall and ceiling (between 1/2 inch to 1 inch).
12.  The master bathroom shelving was agreed to be hung 1 foot higher than normal (we agreed on this at the pre-drywall).  This is so we can add an additional lower level of shelves.
13.  No caulk behind one of the sinks in a section

Question for those who have finished their Ryan home:  The shower rod just sits on the wall.  I touched it and it fell down.  Do they not securely attach it to the walls on both sides?  If not, it'll be one of the first things on my list when we move in.  I'm just imagining it falling right on my son's head when he takes a shower and tries to move the curtain.

We understand the house still has quite a bit to go to make it complete.  However, we just want to make sure the PM is aware of our concerns and to insure they have plenty of time to fix the problems.

Part of the basement

Basement powder room

Coat closet

Front door

Fireplace with floor put in

Laundry room with shelving

The piece of wood on the deck that needs to be fixed

Kitchen in progress

Recessed lights in kitchen

Stained railing and another recessed light

Deck from morning room

Morning room from kitchen

Linen closet

Master bedroom with our view

Stained railing

Realized I never put in picture of our kitchen countertop.  It's Jamocha


  1. Great observations!! You should definitely bring those to the PM's attention asap so they can start fixing them. The house is coming along great! Can't wait to see more pics.

  2. Great job. You might want to do something about those ghost orbs.