Monday, August 8, 2011

Pre-Con Meeting

We had our pre-construction meeting today.  It lasted about 1.5 hours.  Our PM is wonderful.  We also met the PM-in-training and he seemed like a great guy too.  There were no "surprises" at the meeting...everything matched up with our selections. 

Construction is slated to start Wednesday.  We'll get a phone call from our PM tommorrow to verify.  He just needed to verify that our permit went through.  We walked our lot with the PM and discussed the easements on it.  It was staked out so we got a good visual of where the house will be situated.  The foundation will take 1.5 weeks with framing scheduled to be started 22 Aug.  We are the first of the "new wave" of houses to be about 2 weeks.  So we'll be the ones to hold the rest up...not the other way around!

Right now we are slated for the 3rd week of October to close. The PM did a good job explaining the construction schedule. He will, at the least, give us a call once a week with updates from the past week and the plan for the upcoming week. 

Now the decision is to wait to lock in our rate or go ahead and pay a little bit to keep our 3.75% that it is at right now....the debate....

The battery in our camera I plan on going tommorrow to get some pictures of the stakes!


  1. 3.75? WOW thats great! I didn't think they were that low right now.

  2. 15 year fixed is the loan we are doing. It's amazing how low the rates are for most every type of loan right now! Definitely a buyer's market!