Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Extended Lock-In

Sadly, the 90 day rate lock that we wanted to do is no longer available.  For the 15 year fixed loan at the rates they are (which are AMAZING!) they are not offering extended locking.  So we are eagerly awaiting for about 3 more weeks to pass until we can do the usual free rate lock 60 days out.

I got the call from our PM to tell us that construction starts in the morning!  Can't wait!


  1. Congrats on everything and welcome to the Ryan Homes blogging eFamily. Enjoy the process as it can be quite stressful at times. Feel free to ask questions, share ideas, and let us know if you have any problems...we all love to give advice!!! Your selections look fantastic.

    One tip...don't worry too much about who you picked for your Mortgage...they typically won't be your mortgage company...they will do the massive amount of paperwork and navigate through the mortgage process, but usually the mortgage will be packed up with others and sold off to a big mortgage company...not sure about NVR though. Would be interested to hear if everyone else who has gone through NVR is actually making their mortgage payments to NVR.

    15 year mortgage...WOW...that is fantastic to be able to do that and with the low interest rates your equity will quickly grow!!!

    And finally, to you and your husband...THANK YOU...THANK YOU...THANK YOU...for serving this great country of ours!!!

  2. Welcome to this little community of Ryan Homes blogs. I look forward to following your progress. I concur with BD's comment about the mortgage. All that really matters is the rate these days.

    And let me also give you my profound thanks for serving.

  3. Thanks BD and SCJ! We are hoping the rates stay nice and low for the next few weeks. If they don't, they don't but it sure would be nice! And we love serving, couldn't imagine anything else!