Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Framing Day 1

I stopped by over lunch to see the progress and the framers were out at the site organizing all of the lumber.  I stopped by again after work and they had laid the first floor and gotten some sections up.  It is over 100 with the heat index so they stopped working for the day.  Don't blame them!  We are also supposed to get some severe storms tonight with strong winds.  Why put up our sections just to have them possibly topple over?  I'm glad they stopped for the day.  The weather is supposed to be great for the rest of the week so I'm happy about that.

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  1. Wow...they got a ton done for the first day considering they had to install any support posts and beams in the basement that were needed, and the entire foundation sill plate before they could start installing the first floor joists and flooring...and on top of that they got a couple of walls up.