Monday, August 29, 2011

Framing Day #4

My husband walked the lot and house with the PM today to check the status.  They've placed a third beam in the middle of the house to offset the one with a crack(previous post).  It was initially two beams with the crack only being in one of them.  Now it is flanked by uncracked beams.  They were only able to roof half of the house because they only delivered half of the wood for it!  The warehouse made a mistake and never cut the other half.  So they got busy today with cutting it out and it will be delivered in the morning.  We should be roofed and shingled by Wednesday afternoon.


  1. Good grief @ only half a roof! I am glad they got that together for you. Did you experience the rain form the hurricane?

  2. We did not get the rain from the hurricane, thank goodness!