Saturday, August 27, 2011

Framing Day #3

Looking good!  Now everyone in the neighborhood knows what house we are building...I'm sure
they've been trying to figure it out :) 

Standing in the garage looking into the first floor with stairs

Standing in the kitchen looking at the pantry and garage behind

Standing in the kitchen looking at the washer/dryer/mud room with garage behind

Soon-to-be fireplace

He thought it was hilarious to be standing in the bathroom, first floor

Looking down the stairs from the second floor

This looking into rooms 1 and 2 on second floor with master bathroom in the back

Master bath from the master bedroom

I actually don't remember what way I was looking (I think it was master bedroom looking into
the second bathroom and fourth bedroom in the back)

Back view of our home...the morning room sure looks great.  I love the peaked roof.

Another view from the back.  You can see the fireplace cutout.

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  1. It all looks fantastic...I am surprised the the house wrap doesn't say Ryan Homes all over it. The house looks great and they definitely move fast which is good...the sooner you get under roof and out of the elements the better!!!