Thursday, September 1, 2011

Shingled and Wrapped

We are now shingled and wrapped!  Good news about the squeaky floor and the upper part of the stairs...our PM already knew about it!  He was waiting on the framing and roofing to be finished.  They will be going through and screwing the flooring down to the beams and laying glue too.  He said it should erase all squeaking that could occur with the floor.  Even better news is that we got a preliminary pre-drywall meeting of the 9th!  If all inspections go well and there are no issue at pre-drywall then the drywall team is slated to work that weekend and all of our drywall will be in place by the following Monday.  Just amazing!

And we are now officially locked out!


  1. OMG I can't believe how fast its comming along!! Thats AWESOME!!! We signed in May and we don't have a drywall date yet! LOL

    Thats awesome can't wait for more pics!!!

  2. WOW ... locked out already, that stinks!!!! They are really moving fast...pre-drywall meeting already!!! Before you know it ... you will be moving in.