Friday, September 2, 2011

PM Update #2

PM called today to give us an update and to verify that our pre-drywall meeting will be next Friday.  Electrical has been put in, HVAC has been put in, water heater is in, fireplace is in (but not the slate or mantel), garden tub, shower, and bath/shower units are in place and hooked up.  They've fixed the flooring so it does not squeak.  The framers will be working over the weekend to fix the stairs and other misc throughout the house.  Guardian will be coming to place all of their items in the house too this next week.

We didn't bring our camera this evening.  We got the key and toured the inside of the house.  It looks great inside!  My son picked out his room today "I want it to be blue!".  He is very excited to have a view of the fountain and pond across the street.  We have an amazing view from the back of the house (short lived until they build the houses back there in the next few months...but we'll enjoy it while it lasts!)

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  1. Congrats on all the progress. It is amazing how fast things go in.