Sunday, September 25, 2011

Flooring & Cabinets

Stopped by our house today to check the progress.  It's looking really good!  Workers were inside cutting trim and also putting up the cabinets.  Our hardwood floor looks amazing!  I can't wait to see the entire floor without the cardboard protectors.  The flooring we chose for the bathrooms and laundry room look even better than we had imagined.  The coloring matches our cabinet choices really well.  All the cabinets were in the bathrooms and most of them were in place in the kitchen.  They've put in the banisters (they will be stained later).  They had most of the trim glued in place.  The walls have been primed.  Inside doors have been placed (without hardware).  The outside decoration around our front door is in place.  Gutters were put on.

No big issues were noted.  We have cracking in our basement concrete floor which we have been told is to be expected and not a cause for concern.  The outside decoration around our front door is cracked on one side and our window-paned door down to the basement has a huge chunk removed (which will all be replaced).

Love the grey siding and the dark blue shutters

Our gourmet island

Worker putting up our cabinets

A peak at our hardwood floor

Basement powder room

Basement with sump pump, water heater, and AC/Heat

Part of our basement

View of the fountain from my son's room

Our unstained railing

View of bathroom cabinet and tile.  The picture doesn't do it justice

Front door (horizontal crack on right side)

Our Sold sign


  1. Love the blue shutters. We wanted them, but it wasn't an option for our community. Can't believe how quick everything else gets installed after drywall is completed!

  2. Everything looks fantastic! I love your grey siding! Do you know the name of it? Is it Graphite Grey? I also picked the same bathroom vinyl (but the lighter color, i think).

  3. We love the blue shutters too! My son's favorite color is blue so it was fun to "let him" pick them out (we went in knowing we wanted them)! And yes, the siding is graphite grey...just gorgeous!

  4. We have graphite grey too.. which I think we already discussed haha, but I love it! I am jealous you guys are further along then we are on the inside!! But It just makes me so excited knowing what is coming next! Everything looks great, keep posting those pictures!