Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Locked our Rate

We locked our rate in at 3.5%....amazing!  Drywall continues on our house.  No siding still.  But we've had good weather the past few days so hopefully it won't be too much longer.  I have reservations about our color choices and stone.  No other house has the combination in our neighborhood (there are only about 10 homes built thus far).  It's hard to imagine the little color slabs on a big house. 


  1. 3.5%---AWESOME! About your color choices, do you not like them anymore?

  2. That is a fantastic rate!!!! Yes it is very very hard to pick colors based on little tiny samples. We have been extremely pleased with our selections and our PM constantly asks us if we had a professional designer make our selections for us...we laugh and tell him "pure dumb luck"

  3. @Jay and Danielle...I do like my color choices, just hoping they look good on the actual house. The stone we wanted first was taken by our neighbor. And the two shades of brown we really wanted were taken by neighbors too. I am not good at imagining what I haven't seen. So I am eagerly awaiting to see it all together.